To Park…or NOT to Park…

That is the question!

The following is a highly abbreviated and annotated version of the Lakewood Hills #2 Community Association Parking Regulations for:


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Each townhome residence has two assigned (and clearly labeled) parking spaces where no more than two full-sized vehicles may be parked. COMMERCIAL VEHICLES may not be parked in these spaces unless the vehicle is there temporarily to provide trade services (e.g. plumbers, painters, maids, landscapers).

No vehicle may use the parking spaces assigned to another home without requesting and receiving authorization from the homeowner. If a vehicle is parked without permission in a space assigned to someone else, the vehicle may be towed.

COMMERCIAL VEHICLE Parking (when parked to provide trade services)

Commercial / Service vehicles may be parked in an owner/resident space between the hours of 7:00 am and 7:00 pm. These vehicles may not be parked in any other owner’s space without express permission.

All commercial vehicles must be removed from the community no later than 7:00 pm and may return no earlier than 7:00 am.

No owner may park his/her or friend’s/relative’s Commercial vehicle (e.g. those with lettering on the side) in his/her assigned parking spaces or anywhere in the community unless the vehicle is there temporarily to provide a trade service.


Short-term parking for non-residents, such as guests and trades people (e.g. painters, repair technicians) is designated as such and limited to:

Gavelwood Court – 2 spaces
Golden Iris Court – 2 spaces

If Your Car is Towed

Call the Police & Fire Non-Emergency Phone Number (703) 691-2131

To be perfectly clear on this matter …

No resident may park in spaces assigned to Visitors. Anyone residing in a home on Gavelwood or Golden Iris — even if his/her residence is temporary (e.g. a week, a month, a summer) — is not considered to be a visitor.

Parking for additional resident vehicles, longer-term visitors (e.g. more than a few hours) and/or the resident host is available along the curb on Golden Ball Tavern Court.

The obvious stuff … It goes without saying:

NO PARKING! – ANY Time – aka: NEVER!!

  • Along the curbs designated as Fire Lanes.
  • Vehicles with expired license plates, inspection stickers and/or county decals.

The Fairfax County Police Department has permission to come into the Lakewood Hills #2 community to enforce traffic motor vehicle laws.

Please … ensure that all residents of your home and any visitors, including trades people, are familiar with and comply with the parking regulations of our community.

If there is a violation of a parking rule, a warning will be given with a request to resolve the issue. Warnings must be taken seriously. Should a warning not resolve the issue, the car may be towed.*

* A towing company shall be kept under contract to tow any vehicle when its driver fails to comply with warnings and violates the rules delineated above. If a vehicle is towed, call the telephone number posted on the sign at the entrance to the street where the violation occurred.